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                  Email & Chat Translation made Easy with GLOBO HQ

                  Make your customer service team multilingual instantly with GLOBO's near-real-time human translation. Translate emails, texts and other short messages with unprecedented speed and quality. Effortlessly drag and drop, copy and paste or upload text for rapid translation and turn around. 

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                  We help people communicate when it matters most. 

                  24/7 Support

                  On-Demand Translation

                  250 Languages

                  [fa-icon="rocket"] Speedy Turnaround

                  Translation technology – translation memory, machine translation, language detection, etc. – and human linguists work in tandem to ensure messages are delivered accurately and efficiently.

                  [fa-icon="users"] Human Translation

                  Professional, human translators conduct a post-edit review of all machine-translated messages to ensure accuracy, nuance of language, voice and tone. 

                  [fa-icon="puzzle-piece"] Easy Integration

                  Our API makes it easy to integrate email and chat translation into your existing technology and processes, providing a seamless experience for both your users and customers. 

                  [fa-icon="expand"] Scalable Support

                  GLOBO's flexible service model makes it easy to scale support to meet unpredictable language demands, while avoiding fixed overhead costs associated with staffing a multilingual team.


                  If you want exceptional customer support that covers all your language needs and scales with you, GLOBO HQ is the best tool out there. It's as simple as that."

                  Chris Whittington
                  Associate Director of Community & Customer Support, NEXON M

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                  Simplify language support with GLOBO HQ 

                  Communicating with your customers across languages should be easy. They deserve it, and you do too. We have the technology to make it happen, but don’t just take our word for it. Take an interactive peek into language services like you’ve never seen them before – simplified.

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